People won’t hesitate to take a break when their physical health is bad but are reluctant to treat their mental health with the same importance. Your mental health plays a huge role in your ability to work and to maintain a positive lifestyle, so taking some time off to focus on your mental health isn’t […]

Social media marketing is a powerful way to promote your business and establish a connection with your target market. Your content should closely relate to what you’re trying to sell or provide. A key to great content is that it must be consistent and regularly updated. This is important because it will keep the business […]

If you’ve unintentionally been going over your superannuation concessional contributions cap in past years, you may not have to worry about it from now on. As of 1 January 2020, eligible individuals with multiple jobs can apply to opt-out of receiving super guarantee (SG) from some of their employers. You may be eligible to apply […]

Employers who provide staff parking spaces may be affected by the rewrite of the car parking fringe benefits Taxation Ruling. A draft ruling TR 2019/D5 was released on 13 November 2019, a rewrite of TR 96/26. The draft ruling states that from 1 April 2020, the ATO proposes to treat a car park that offers […]

When someone dies, their superannuation usually gets transferred to their beneficiary as superannuation death benefits. Depending on who the beneficiary is, the benefits may be taxed in some circumstances. If you are a beneficiary, the amount of tax you pay depends on factors such as: If the benefit is paid as a lump sum or […]

Once you have met your preservation age (between 55 and 60 depending on when you were born), you can choose to take a super pension. There are six main types of super pension: Account-based pension: this is the most common type of pension. It is a regular income stream bought with money from your super […]

Looking at your smartphone has become a habitual, ingrained aspect of everyday life. This can be a cause of significant distraction for employees and affect productivity. One study showed that 55% of distractions in the workplace are caused by cellphones, and there is a 28% increase in mistakes after an employee gets a phone call. […]

Being made redundant is probably not something you considered in your career plan. It can be scary and disheartening, however, there are some steps you can take to turn your redundancy into an opportunity for new avenues. Draft a budgetBeing made redundant can bring a range of financial uncertainties. Even if you get a redundancy […]

The most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Retail Trade figures show that in December 2019, Australian retail turnover fell by 5%, seasonally adjusted. This was a fall from the 1% retail turnover rise in November 2019. November 2019 was strong with Black Friday sales. The fall in December was affected by the bushfires and […]

Hiring a new employee can interrupt the daily workplace routine while they need a little extra attention and help and learn how things work. Here are some ways you can make the training period more successful… Onboard before the start dateIt is likely that new employees will feel more comfortable and perform better if they […]