An integral part of running a business is establishing sound financial procedures and systems so you can monitor the overall financial health of the enterprise, as well as ensure that you continue to meet your tax obligations. Set up a business bank accountKeeping your business finances separate from your personal finances enables business owners to […]

As all productive workers know, the end of a working day is just as important as the beginning. While the lead up to finishing time in the late afternoon usually sees the majority of workers counting down the minutes until they can clock off, productive workers that engage in a few simple rituals at the […]

The ATO is currently targeting taxpayers who rent out their holiday homes for only a few weeks during the year but claim a full year’s worth of deductions on their tax returns The tax office is will be paying close attention to rental property owners, especially those who own a holiday home who incorrectly claim […]

It can be hard for businesses with little or no web experience to know if they have everything they need on their website for it to truly be successful. While it is important for websites to be regularly updated and improved, it is equally important to have elements on a website that online visitors expect, […]

With such a large number of varied job ads online and in print, if you want to attract the best people you have to make your ad stand out. It is also very important to properly convey your workplace culture in the ad, so that you do not have to waste time interviewing inappropriate candidates. […]

The start of a new year will often find businesses reviewing and refreshing their strategies to improve business, increase customer engagement and boost their customer retention. And while some businesses may undermine the need to do so, reviewing and refreshing their online marketing strategies, specifically, SEO, is just as important as any other marketing solution […]

A Will is a legal document that permits a person to make decisions on how their assets will be managed and distributed upon their death. A person is entitled to leave their assets to anyone they wish. However, friends and relatives of the deceased can contest the Will if they believe they have been left […]

Businesses looking to improve their profitability may need to consider cutting under-performing products and services. There are a few simple ways to decide which products should stay and which should go. 80/20 rule An often used marketing and business rule states that businesses should focus their attentions on the 20 per cent of products that […]

Quite often, the words ‘I’m sorry’ aren’t enough for an unsatisfied customer. Whether it is because you had to deny a request, made a mistake with an order or left a customer waiting to be served for too long, there will always a time when a business will need to apologise to their customer. While […]

It can often be quite confusing working out what will happen to your super when you die since the terminology surrounding superannuation and death can appear quite technical. A binding death benefit nomination (BDBN) is an instruction by a fund member regarding who can receive the fund member’s super benefits when they die. Having a […]