Facebook now makes up a significant piece of the social media marketing puzzle since it has become a social platform where businesses can organically reach their target audience fairly quickly (without using paid ads). However, since the engagement a post receives now determines whether or not it will appear in a person’s newsfeed, businesses need […]

For start-ups establishing an online business, there are many legal issues to be considered before your business kicks off. Businesses must comply with their legal obligations to ensure their business and consumers are protected under relevant laws. Whether you run your entire business online or provide just some of your services, it is important to […]

The entire recruitment and interviewing process is currently undergoing a lot of changes. Social networking sites such as LinkedIn are becoming an increasingly mainstream way to identify job candidates, and the entire workforce is becoming more fluid. There have also been a lot of exciting new ideas about how best to conduct interviews, many of […]

Even though most businesses want everyone to be their customer, this is not necessarily the right approach to making a profit. Instead, it is often best to think small in order to get big. To maximise your sales and profits, businesses should start narrowing their market to get a niche. Focusing in on a small […]

Since employee morale can quickly build or hinder a business’s success, business owners increasingly need to focus on keeping employees motivated and engaged. As low morale is often the cause of increased turnover and low productivity it pays to be proactive when it comes to managing employee satisfaction. Here are some strategies to improve employee […]

An investment strategy is fundamental when it comes to self-managed super funds. Not only is having one a statutory requirement, but it also helps SMSF trustees know what to invest in to meet the fund’s investment goal. Above all, an SMSF investment strategy must be designed to help trustees reach their retirement goal. To do […]

A quick scan of the average taxpayer’s wallet of receipts or documents in the home office can result in quite a few expenses they can claim as tax deductions. However, some of the most obvious get forgotten on a regular basis. While not all available tax deductions will apply for every individual (since claimable items […]

Even though search engine optimisation (SEO) is a viable online marketing strategy, many small businesses continue to fail when it comes to their SEO campaigns. This is usually due to setting expectations too high and expecting immediate results from current SEO efforts. Modern SEO is a powerful means of optimising a business’s search ranking and […]

If there’s anything else small businesses want more than customers, it’s publicity. While many strive for as many mentions, references and links as possible from media publications, many more often fail to realise that a single media mention won’t have a significant effect on their marketing as they think. Some new customer may visit the […]

Staying on top of your records all year round can save time, prevent unnecessary stress and help maximise a small business’s tax return. Although record-keeping can seem like a monotonous job, it is an essential part of running a business. Good recordkeeping makes it easier to meet your tax obligations, manage cash flow and make […]