Image optimisation can increase exposure and decrease load times for your website, resulting in better SEO rankings. Websites with images not only improve the user experience but bring in organic traffic via search engine image results. When adding images to your website, they need to be optimised accordingly. Here are some things to consider: File […]

Business owners, at some point, will be faced with the decision whether to lease or buy their business equipment. Both leasing and buying provide different advantages and disadvantages, and depending on the circumstances one option may strongly outweigh the other. Here are the pros and cons to consider when weighing up your options: Buying: Buying […]

Who’s your customer? That’s one of the most important questions any business can answer, but it’s particularly important for small businesses. Why? Because only by having a clear definition of the exact type of customer you’re trying to reach can you make the most of your limited marketing dollars and have the biggest impact on […]

Redundancies, whether forced or elective, can become complex as there are many taxation issues to consider when receiving a payout. The most common form of payment an employee will receive is an employment termination payment. Employment termination payments (ETPs) include payments for unused rostered days off or for unused sick leave; payments in lieu of […]

A sudden and distinct drop in rankings may seem alarming at first but fortunately fluctuating rankings can easily be reversed. Web rankings can fall for various reasons including the following: Google updates: As Google works on improving their search algorithm hundreds of times each year, you may experience a drop when Google makes an update. […]

Businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on social media as a marketing tool and way to interact with existing and potential customers. Although social media draws many benefits for businesses and customers alike; social media needs to be treated like traditional forms of advertising in that comments and opinions are not false, misleading or deceptive. Business […]

Strong teams are at the very core of any successful business and often produce far greater results than lone geniuses. Teamwork allows staff members to share workload, work towards a common goal and enhances overall communication. For teamwork to flourish, business owners must create the right conditions and environment. Here are five ways to improve […]

Businesses starting out will often be challenged by the need to generate brand awareness but with a limited marketing budget. Minimising costs will often be at the forefront of business owners minds with uncertain revenue and copious amounts of capital expenditure; marketing is unlikely to be a top priority. However, new businesses need brand exposure […]

When you’re busy trying to build your business, you don’t spend much time thinking about how you’ll eventually end it. Sure, you might think that one day you’d like to retire. But while you can envision yourself golfing or gardening, what’s happened to your business? You need an “exit plan.” An exit plan is the […]

With the end-of-financial year looming, there are some key strategies you can utilise to maximise your nest egg ahead of 30 June. Maximise super contributionsReview your contribution types and amounts to ensure you have maximised (not exceeded) your contribution caps for the financial year. The non-concessional contributions cap for 2015/16 is $180,000 or $540,000 over […]