Landing pages are different from general websites. They are single pages designed for single objectives, and are used to prompt a certain action or result. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution when creating a landing page that will produce a high rate of conversions for a business. Creating […]

There are a few aspects of running a small business are as intimidating as actually making sales calls. Nevertheless, making sales is a vital part of any business. Regardless of whether or not a business has a salesperson or sales team it is important for the business owner, to make sales from time to time […]

Constructive dismissal, in effect forced resignation, occurs when the behaviour or conduct of an employer is so harmful, adverse or unfriendly to their employment relationship with an employee that the employee cannot be expected to deal with it. Examples include an employer: expressly suggesting that an employee resign actively making it difficult or impossible for […]

It is vital for those with a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to carry out all the necessary checks before purchasing a property in their SMSF, especially when borrowing is involved. Investment strategyThe SMSF’s investment strategy must be considered. If the purchase of a property will cause the fund’s other investments to be out of alignment, […]

The Seniors and Pensioners Tax Offset (SAPTO) is a tax offset for retirees who are at the Service Pension age or the Age Pension age or older. Those who have received SAPTO may be eligible to transfer unused portions of their offset to their spouse. When transferring unused SAPTO, both the receiving individual and their […]

Email newsletters are one of the most effective marketing tools businesses can use to build and maintain genuine relationships with their customers. They have been shown to generate as much revenue as all other types of digital marketing combined and have the power to keep an audience engaged, drive traffic to websites and build a […]

Terminating an employee over inappropriate social media use may seem like appropriate action; however, employers need to be mindful of the legal minefields that can occur if the termination is unfair. Social media blurs the boundaries between public and private, and employers are often worried that an employee’s “private” posts on social media can have […]

Providing the flexibility to employees to be able to work remotely has become quite popular in the working world and can be a win-win for both employers and employees. It provides employees with the opportunity to adjust work obligations around other personal and home responsibilities and also gives business owners a great way of attracting […]

Managing debtors is often a cause of frustration for many small business owners. Unpaid invoices can seriously disrupt cash flow. Between chasing late payments and keeping track of invoices, debt collection can be a headache. Fortunately, there are ways to speed up your payments with a few simple adjustments to your invoicing system you can […]

While expanding your business to open up in another state is an exciting time for a small business owner, a lot of hard work goes into this next phase of a business’s development. One of the very first things business owners need to do is get their planning under way. Analyse and evaluateSmall business owners […]