When used correctly, hashtags are a great way for businesses to increase customer engagement and make their social media posts more visible. A hashtag is a keyword phrase that has no spaces with the # sign at the start of the phrase e.g. #sydneycafe. They can be placed anywhere in a business’s social media post; […]

As the countdown begins to Australia’s tax return lodgment date, many individuals in the country may be hurrying to find a few extra possible tax deductions to claim. However, in the rush before the deadline, it is important not to waste time claiming deductions for expenses or items that are commonly thought of as tax […]

Carrying forward significant capital losses can be a viable strategy for trustees wanting to offset gains and achieve tax savings in the near future. This kind of strategy is suitable in circumstances where it is likely that younger members may join the fund or when members are considering switching back to the accumulation phase. One […]

With entrepreneurship becoming an increasingly popular career choice, it comes as no surprise that there is now a strong demand for startup related advice. However, entrepreneurs should remain vigilant when seeking advice. Not all advice is correct or well informed; more often than not it can be completely irrelevant or downright wrong. Entrepreneurs need to […]

When it comes to your money, whether it includes loans, insurance, savings or superannuation, nothing about it is ‘set and forget’. From time to time, it is quite important to consider looking at the different aspects that make up your finances to see if they need a freshen up. Here are some tips on to […]

For businesses that want their online marketing content to reach consumers and potential customers, having a presence on Facebook is a must. Facebook continues to dominate the social marketing landscape, with over 1.09 billion people logging in daily. However, for businesses to make the most of a Facebook page i.e. attracting and engaging visitors, they […]

Blogging is one of the best ways to improve a website’s SEO rankings. However, this can only be achieved if content is posted to a blog on a regular basis. While the idea of blogging regularly can seem daunting, there are ways they can speed up the process and still see the same results. Read […]

Many of today’s Australians embark on second and marriages early in life. Quite often, each partner to the new the marriage has children from a prior marriage, and the two families merge into one new blended family. Blended families can create a number of estate planning needs and concerns, such as what the children of […]

The stakes are always high in negotiating, especially in business, as it involves professional repercussions. But negotiating doesn’t have to be stressful or hard. Here some tips to help you succeed at business negotiation to close more deals: Don’t view negotiation as a battle Negotiation is often talked about in terms of winning or losing […]

Working out the right cash management strategy for a self-managed super fund (SMSF) is a critical component of its success. Retirees usually spend more in the first few years of retirement because they are doing all the things that they couldn’t while they were still working. Therefore, a smart way to determine cash flow needs […]