Often, motivation is highest when we first establish a new goal or begin a new project. As time progresses, it is not uncommon for motivation to dwindle, particularly when the goal or project is not going to plan or is more challenging than anticipated. Remember you cannot control everything. There will be things that are […]

Looking for a competitive advantage that will help continue to grow your business? Look no further than chatbots. When used effectively, chatbots provide a number of advantages that can help boost your business. Chatbots are invaluable when it comes to customer service. They allow you to publish content directly to your audience. For customers, communicating […]

Credit scores are an impact factor in determining an individual’s credit worthiness. When an individual applies for a loan, such as a mortgage or car loan, a credit provider will use a credit score to help them decide whether to lend the money, the amount to lend and the interest rate. An individual’s credit score […]

The Fair Work Ombudsman has released a new app called “Record My Hours,” to help reduce the amount of disputes regarding underpayments between employees and employers. The app assists employees in recording the hours they work and other information about their employment for circumstances where issues about their pay arises. Employees can export the data […]

Chances are, if you have had more than one job, you will most likely have multiple super accounts. Having multiple super accounts means more fees and less savings. Consolidating all your super accounts into one account can help you to keep track of your super, reduce unnecessary paperwork, and most importantly, save on costs. The […]

The Government has announced a new measure in the 2016-17 Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook to prevent the distribution of franking credits where a distribution to shareholders is funded by particular capital raising activities. This new measure is intended to address issues raised by the Tax Office’s Taxpayer Alert 2015/2 regarding arrangements used by companies […]

Using social media as a marketing tool for your business is an extremely effective strategy, but only if it is done right. Keep in mind the following tips for optimising your business through social media: Do your research: establish what it is you want to achieve and investigate which social media platforms will help you […]

Protecting your staff from workplace bullying is necessary in this day and age; just as is protecting your business from potential lawsuits as a result of workplace bullying. According to the Fair Work Ombudsman, workplace bullying is defined as any repeated behaviour towards an individual or individuals by another individual or individuals that is unreasonable […]

We have all encountered an individual who – despite everything positive around them – insists on focusing on the negative. These people can make day to day life more stressful than it needs to be, particularly if it is in the workplace. Luckily, there are many strategies you can employ to avoid getting bogged down […]

Ultimately, every investor is different. However, when looking to invest in any startup company, there are a number of boxes you will need to check regardless of who decides to invest in you. You need to know the market. How big is the market? How populated is the market? Is your product or idea doing […]