There are multiple benefits that come with maintaining a blog for your business. Maintaining a blog drives customers to your website, thus creating greater opportunities for business growth. However, all the resources that go into developing great blog content may be all in vain if you do not promote this content efficiently. Consider the following […]

In the Fair Work Commission’s (FWC) 4 yearly review of modern awards, the FWC has developed a draft model for 85 modern awards to contain a provision which will allow casual employees to request full-time or part-time employment after 12 months of employment. The model provision includes: a qualifying period of 12 calendar months; a […]

Procrastination is the pinnacle of unproductivity. Many people will procrastinate in their work day and for various reasons; whether it is distractions or mental challenges, putting off tasks can seem like the easy option. However, procrastination can turn into a vicious cycle which is often hard to break. Consider the following three tips to stop […]

Term deposits are an easy and secure way to invest your funds. But it is always a good idea to do your research and shop around first to find the best return before investing. Although there has been a significant decrease in term deposit rates over the past few years, they remain a popular investment […]

Happy employees are productive employees. Employee satisfaction directly correlates with employee engagement, retention and ultimately a better bottom line. Here are three ways to create a happy work environment in your business: Show you care Daily interactions, such as conversations and exchanges can significantly improve an employee’s happiness. Getting to know your staff on a […]

Self-managed super fund members must follow a large amount of investment rules when selecting investments for their SMSF. One of the rules is the in-house asset rule. An in-house asset is a loan to, or an investment in, a related party of your fund, an investment in a related trust of your fund or an […]

Small businesses with a turnover of less than $10 million from 1 July 2016 can write-off assets costing less than $20,000 each up until 30 June 2018. The simplified depreciation rules apply. Under these rules, you must immediately write-off most depreciating assets costing less than $20,000 that were bought and used, or installed ready for […]

Expanding your business through the use of social media is a very smart decision; however, to do this successfully, you ought to set SMART goals. The use of SMART goals allows you to set realistic goals that are trackable; their implementation into your planning for online marketing is more likely to see you reach your […]

The six principles of persuasion developed by Dr Robert Cialdini can be used as a great tool to influence existing and potential customers, and business relationships. Reciprocity Centring around social obligation, the notion that people are more likely to give once they feel they have received something can be used to influence customers. When you […]

Trust is a considerable part of any relationship, but particularly business relationships. The ability to develop and nurture trusting relationships with your employees and potential business partners is the key to building success. Consider the following factors that heavily influence trust. Honesty If you want to build trust, the most important thing is to be […]