Recent research has found that an alarming 31 per cent of SMSF trustees consider choosing investments as one of the hardest aspects of running an SMSF. Value investing is one such strategy that SMSF investors can utilise to boost their portfolios. Value investing involves identifying undervalued assets that have the potential to increase in value […]

The more people that see and interact with your business, the more likely it is they will be converted into customers which means greater profit. Consider the following tips for gaining more followers on social media: Research who you should be following Smart business profiles follow a range of people and other businesses which are […]

Dying intestate (without a Will) can pose many complications for the ordinary person. But when a sole director and shareholder of a company dies without a Will it can have an even more devastating impact. Upon the death of a sole director and shareholder of a company without a Will, there is no person properly […]

Starting in a new leadership role can be daunting; as a leader, your team may be quick to judge what kind of leader you are going to be. If you start off on the wrong foot, it can be really hard to get back on their good side. Make sure you check off the following […]

There are no steadfast rules for saving money. Everyone’s financial situation is different; people earn different amounts, need to save different amounts and have varying expenses. Luckily, the following tips can apply to anyone. Budget Planning ways to cut your expenses and save money is important if you want to save but at the same […]

All businesses, at one stage or another, will have to go through significant change. Change is necessary for growth but accepting the need for change can be difficult for some. Change can arise in various ways, i.e., struggling to find quality employees, a demand to change direction, targeting a new target market and so on. […]

Personal services income (PSI) is income mainly produced from your personal skills or efforts. There are special tax rules that apply if your income is classified as PSI. Almost any trade, industry or profession can receive PSI. The most common are financial professionals, IT consultants, engineers, construction workers and medical practitioners. PSI does not affect […]

The ATO has changed the conditions of registration for businesses to access the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House. The Small Business Superannuation Clearing House is a free online service available for small businesses to make super contributions for their employees. The Tax Office is now allowing businesses with 19 or less employees or businesses with […]

Employers have the duty to provide a healthy and safe environment for all employees. Failure to manage bullying can have devastating consequences on an employee’s health and safety and can damage overall morale. There are serious penalties for breaching workplace health and safety laws. Taking a proactive approach to preventing bullying is necessary. In certain […]

Sadly, trolling is common place in today’s online environment. A troll is a person or group of people that deliberately engage in online forums and pages in an attempt to create havoc; they make unfounded claims, they ridicule and they try to discredit individuals and businesses. Read the following tips for dealing with trolls. Don’t […]