Artificial intelligence (AI) is the way of the future. Businesses ought to adopt AI strategies to enhance their online marketing and presence, to bring in continued profit. Consider how the following strategies concerning AI can boost your business’ SEO. Keywords AI allows businesses to distinguish between various keywords and the grouping of said keywords to […]

Many employees spend just as much time with their colleagues as they do with their loved ones. Creating a harmonious workspace is therefore extremely important. Workplace bullying or harassment occurs when unreasonable, repeated behaviour is directed at a staff member; either by a person in a position of power such as a manager or employer, […]

Building a successful business is almost impossible without a group of motivated employees. Here are three ways to keep your employees loyal to your business: Hire right Hiring someone who doesn’t share the same vision or values as your business is detrimental. You need to hire people that fit well into your business’ culture and […]

Travelling overseas for an extended period of time is an exciting adventure. What isn’t so exciting is the prospect of breaking compliance laws in relation to your SMSF while enjoying your trip. There are specific conditions that must be met to deem the self-managed super fund ATO compliant. They are as follows: Fund recognised as […]

Under the new law introduced on 1 July 2017, Australian GST registered businesses that import services or digital products for business purposes do not have to pay GST. These businesses will need to supply their Australian business number (ABN) and a statement that they are registered for GST to the supplier at the time of […]

Getting a good loan can save you thousands of dollars in fees and interest, so it is important to shop around for the best deal. There are many considerations when choosing a loan. After you have decided on the amount you need to borrow, the features you need and the time frame to pay it […]

Interviews can be daunting and nerve-racking. You may be perfect for a specific role but unable to land a job because your interview skills aren’t that great. Consider the following to make a lasting, positive impact on the interviewer: Adequately prepared Being prepared is quite an obvious tip, but so many interviewees don’t understand what […]

If you find yourself in a position where you need to come to a settlement with the ATO, it is critical you understand the legalities behind the said settlement. Firstly, understand what a settlement is; an agreement between two parties, for instance, yourself or your business and the ATO. The purpose of the agreement is […]

Social media content can direct a large portion of online traffic to your business, but it can also deter customers if performed poorly. Consider the following tips for creating engaging social media content: Unique Content that is creative and unique is likely to be more meaningful and engaging to followers. The content you are sharing […]

Those who participate in ride-sourcing (i.e., Uber, GoCatch) as a driver can access a number of tax deductions come tax time. You may be able to claim expenses such as: Parking fees Road tolls Mobile phone costs Fees or commissions charged the facilitator Other expenses – to the extent that they relate to work-related travel. […]