Part of any business is making decisions; regarding your product, growth, staff, clients, etc. It is important to pick up on signs your business, for whatever reason, may not be the most profitable. The following are red flags that your decision making may not be what it normally is, and you should take more time […]

Building rapport is a necessity in forming strong, healthy relationships. This is no different from the relationships you develop with your customers. Customers need to trust you to do business with you. Establishing rapport from early on is one of the best ways to build this trust and confidence. Consider the following tips to build […]

As the new year fast approaches, there are a number of considerations SMSF trustees should be aware of leading into 2018. Before the end of the year, take time to address the following: Assess your investment strategy – consider the risk, diversity, liquidity and your foreseeable personal financial circumstances for the following year. SMSF compliance […]

The holiday season is a busy time of year for many businesses and it is not uncommon to hire staff particularly for this period. If your business is one with an influx of sales during this time and you plan on hiring more employees to keep up with demands, make sure you know what you’re […]

Ensuring employees are engaged and committed to their work will ensure they are making a valuable and profitable contribution to the business. While daily tasks will vary based on the type of business and industry, there are universal strategies employers and managers can implement to ensure employees are optimally engaged in their work from day […]

Cloud computing is redefining the way small businesses conduct business; the advantages in the technology allow users to access data off-site, save on IT equipment and give businesses a competitive edge. Here are a few benefits of switching your business to the cloud: Greater flexibility Growing businesses with a need for greater accessibility, i.e., flexible […]

Not keeping track of your credit balance can be a hard but an important lesson many individuals can learn from. Thanks to interest and fees, many individuals may pay for more things than they care to admit. And with easily available credit cards on the rise, it is easy to fall in the trap where […]

Understanding what behaviours and factors which cause employees to waste time is important. Only when you understand why time is not being used efficiently can you implement strategies to overcome this. Consider the following: Technology Technology helps us do things in a fraction of the time, it allows us to do things that are otherwise […]

The ATO is warning self-managed super fund (SMSF) trustees about the risks of some emerging retirement planning arrangements. Retirees or SMSF trustees who are involved in any illegal arrangement, even by accident, may face severe penalties, risk losing their retirement savings, and potentially, their rights as a trustee to manage their own fund. The Tax […]

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has sophisticated data matching programs in place to ensure individuals and businesses are complying with their obligations and to uphold the integrity of the tax system for the community at large. The Tax Office uses data matching to pre-fill tax returns, ensure people and businesses are lodging tax returns and […]