The life of an entrepreneur can be chaotic. There are endless tasks to complete and not enough time in the day to address them. Emails pop up; there are meetings to attend and a million other jobs that require your attention. Building an effective routine is the key to staying on top of tasks and […]

When using an email marketing service for your business, it is important to ensure you are complying with Australian email marketing laws. The Spam Act 2003 (Cth) governs email marketing and messages sent via SMS, MMS and instant message in Australia. The Act covers three main rules: consent, identification and unsubscribe options. Consent To send […]

Many businesses often neglect the strongest and most critical feature of their website: the About Us page. Also referred to as History, What We Do and Who We Are, this part of a website is often the biggest selling point for a business, as it’s among the first three pages online viewers will visit to […]

With more and more people opting away from traditional 9-5 jobs, the appeal of joining the gig economy is at an all-time high. However, for many people, forgoing their full-time job is not realistic. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make money from your skills, knowledge or even hobbies by continuing full-time work and […]

Although workplaces require different skills and personality traits to fit into the role and culture of the business, there are some universal attributes that can help you succeed in the workplace. Consider the following: Effective communication skills Having effective communication skills is critical as it determines how well you get along with colleagues, management and […]

Due to new super measures introduced by the Government, Australians will now be able to contribute part of the proceeds of the sale of their home towards their superannuation. From 1 July 2018, where the exchange of contracts of sale for a ‘main residence’ home occurs on or after 1 July 2018, individuals will be […]

Employers can employ holiday makers on either a Working Visa (subclass 417) or a Working and Holiday Visa (subclass 462). Employees on either visa are taxed at 15 per cent from the first dollar earned, regardless of their residency. Working holiday makers cannot claim the tax free threshold and must provide their employer with their […]

It is no secret that ongoing exercise leads to better mental health, increased creativity and higher productivity levels in the workplace. The long-term benefits of creating a fitness-friendly environment for your staff far outweigh the initial costs associated. Studies show that the national cost of employees not getting the recommended level of physical activity, specifically […]

A personal loan can come in handy if you need some extra cash to fund a purchase, but it may not always be your best option. Before you sign away, you will need to understand how personal loans work and if they are appropriate for your circumstances. A personal loan is when a person borrows […]

Closing a sale is the end goal for many business owners but often knowing how to close the deal is a challenge. Here are three ways to improve your sales approach: Remove your agenda A sales prospect can usually identify when a salesperson is running off an agenda. The salesperson comes across as pushy, they […]