Providing perks to your employees is a great way to boost their morale and engagement in the workplace. While you may not have the budget to provide a free gym or an in-house chef, there are certain benefits you can give your staff that won’t break the bank. Free food Offer your team healthy snacks […]

A content calendar is a handy tool you can use to organise and bring purpose to your digital marketing strategy. It allows you to visualise your strategy in weekly, monthly or yearly timelines, and plan content release around important dates and events that arise in your relative industry. A calendar can save you time and […]

Whether it is saving for a new car, a house deposit or a holiday; we all have spending habits that can derail us from achieving our financial goals. But luckily, most of these habits are just that – a habit, and they can be changed over time with perseverance. Consider the following three tips to […]

Storytelling taps into your customers’ emotions, builds trust and can help form a stronger connection with your audience. Many businesses are now using their business’ story in their marketing efforts to engage their current customer base and attract new customers to their brand. Here are three ways to incorporate storytelling into your business’ marketing: Share […]

More taxpayers can now claim a personal super contributions deductions this tax time due to the removal of the 10 per cent maximum earnings condition that came into effect from 1 July 2017. Eligible individuals include those who earn their income from: – Salary and wages – A personal business (self-employment) – Investments such as […]

As of 1 July 2018, purchasers of new residential premises or potential land are required to withhold an amount from the contract price and pay the amount to the ATO before settlement. A supplier (vendor, seller) of residential premises or potential residential land must notify the purchaser in writing whether they will need to withhold […]

Businesses with high bounce rates are most likely attracting the wrong kind of traffic to their website. Bounce rates are a list of numbers that represent the percent of website visitors who leave a website quickly. Businesses wanting to target the right kind of website traffic and keep their bounce rate as low as possible […]

It is a common misbelief that a Will is executed in a way the Testator originally plans it. When preparing your Will, it is important first to understand how another individual can challenge these intentions. Your family members have the right to challenge your Will under the Family Provisions legislation. Only eligible persons can make […]

When shopping around for a personal loan, it is wise to be conscious of any potential scammers that may try and offer you a deal that sounds too good to be true. Though a loan may look legitimate from a first glance, there are various tell-tale signs to watch out for to spot a fraudulent […]

A compelling mission statement will give your small business the purpose it needs to grow. In just a few clear and succinct sentences the statement should announce your driving business strategy. However, it is not enough to merely generate a statement and slap it on your website. A mission statement will do little to impact […]