Engaging in social media is more than sharing just one basic social message on multiple platforms. When writing posts for social media, businesses must tailor their message to the audience they are trying to reach on each network. Simply publishing the same message on several social media channels is often a sign of a business’ […]

One of the easiest ways a small business can fail is simply by falling out of sync with their target market. However, this can be avoided through actively listening to your customers, rather than merely assuming what will work better when considering any changes to your customer service model or branding image. Remember, content customers […]

Each time you use internet banking to transfer money to family or friends, pay your bills, or check your account activity, consider these handy tips to help keep your savings secure. Check your wifi Always use a private wifi network when accessing your bank accounts via an app or website on your phone or computer. […]

The key to success is remembering that everything is negotiable, and that to get a deal you must ask for one. Many people stop right there because negotiating makes them uncomfortable. They view the process as a contest of wills in which power determines outcome, each party seeks to best the other, and the little […]

The Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty was introduced on 24 May 2018 by the Minister for Revenue and Financial Services in a bid to tackle non-payment of employee super. The Amnesty provides a one-off opportunity for employers to self-correct any past super guarantee (SG) non-compliance without incurring a penalty. However, there is a lot of ambiguity around […]

The ATO has released its latest findings on the tax gap for Australian individuals. The estimated gap in 2014-15 is approximately $8.7 billion or 6.4 per cent. The income gap is an estimate of the difference between the tax the ATO collects and the amount that would have been collected if each taxpayer was fully […]

A dedicated IP address provides businesses with higher website stability, control and protection. IP stands for Internet Protocol and is the unique address that is assigned to each computer that is connected to a certain network. The address provides the location of a machine or website in a given network. The difference between shared and […]

When applying for a personal loan, it is essential to do everything feasible to improve your probability of getting approved. Receiving just one knockback for a loan will be recorded on your credit file and may make it just that little bit harder to get approved for finance in the future. While there is no […]

Has your small business hit a slump lately? It may be time to develop a growth-focused strategy that can take your business to the next level. Consider these ideas when designing your plan of attack. Re-evaluate your small business It is important to find out what exactly is hindering your business – get to the […]

The ATO is encouraging taxpayers to review their super this tax time. Finding lost super or consolidating any unwanted multiple accounts can make a massive difference to your nest egg. There is over $18 billion in lost and unclaimed super. Those who have changed their name, address, job or lived overseas are at high risk […]