Office supplies may seem like insignificant purchases, but like anything, the costs add up. It makes sense to save on what you can in your business. Consider some of these smart tips to help cut down on your office overhead. Buy in bulkIt is no secret that to buy in bulk results in significant savings […]

Websites no longer provide information but are now an integral part of the customer experience. A business’ website is not an accessory to the service they provide but the functional facilitator of that service. This is why it is vital that your business’ website provides a user-friendly experience, to heighten the conversion rate of potential […]

Giving feedback to staff is a key to being a successful manager. Although feedback should be viewed as an opportunity to grow, staff may be sensitive you are criticising their work. That is why feedback should be given in accordance with the tips below. Never in publicWhether it is praise or constructive criticism, you should […]

Superannuation is more critical than it has ever been. If having an ageing population has taught us anything, it is how managing money now can have substantial ramifications for your retirement plan. Merge your superEvery super account you have comes with a set of fees. It is worth your while chasing down inactive accounts and […]

The ATO is in the midst of developing advanced data programs to find individuals who are leaving a source of income out of their tax return. Analytical tools have been developed to utilise the amount of data the ATO receives to identify instances where income has gone unreported. This is to address the annual $1.4 […]

On the 1 July 2018, the Australian Government introduced Single Touch Payroll (STP) for employers with 20 or more employees. The new scheme requires employers to report payment activities each time employees were paid. Authorisations for an agent to act on behalf of an employer to streamline the process of STP are provided below. STP […]

Instagram and Facebook are social media giants, and their extensive reach and impact can make or break your business marketing. When deciding about which platform to focus your resources on, several factors should go into your decision-making process. Who has a greater reach?Overall, Facebook has 2.07 billion users compared to the 800 million active users […]

In Australia, we are lucky enough to have student loan programs to cater to the broad demographic of people who want to progress their careers or knowledge through tertiary studies. What is a HECS-HELP Loan?The HECS-HELP loan is a scheme to help students attend university through a loan system, which they are to repay once […]

Negative gossip in the office is something that is harmful both to your business and to the employees. Whether it encourages individuals to seek work in a less toxic environment, slows down productivity, creates friction between team members or morphs into a legal problem with accusations of bullying and harassment, it is something that managers […]

Normally employers have to pay a worker super. However, this becomes confusing with the different visas that employees might be on. Some rules are listed below. Paying super to temporary residentsTemporary residents working in Australia are eligible for super guarantee. When temporary residents leave Australia, they can claim the super paid as a departing Australia […]