Gaining an edge on your business rivals is vital to your commercial success. When you conduct competitor analysis do not forget to include their websites in this assessment otherwise you will miss out on a range of benefits. Here are some reasons, why competitor website analysis should be on your to-do list. Improve your online […]

An employer can be held vicariously liable if they fail to take all reasonable steps to prevent workplace sexual harassment. Implement a sexual harassment policy consistent with discrimination legislation to avoid legal ramifications. Discrimination legislationThe Sex Discrimination Act is a Commonwealth statute that applies to all of Australia. The Act defines sexual harassment as unwanted […]

A tight-knit staff will work more effectively as a team and provide a positive impact on your workplace. Encourage your employees to bond with each other through a range of activities so you can reap the benefits of a friendly office. Staff karaoke nightTake your Friday night staff drinks to the next level by booking […]

Credit cards are useful financial tools that can help you manage cash flow but can run you into debt if you are not careful. Before you swipe your first credit card consider the following do’s and don’ts, so you gain all the advantages without the headache of a tarnished credit rating. Do’sThere are several actions […]

Small business owners are constantly under stress and pressure, which is why it is important they look after their mental health. The following tips will help you manage your mental health as a small business owner. Have a reliable support networkFriends and family are vital to anyone’s functioning; however the unique challenges small business owners […]

The ATO has issued a warning to the public regarding illegal early release of super schemes, which are subject to severe penalties. There are strict rules around when you can access your super so your current decisions do not jeopardise your quality of life in retirement. The ATO has reminded the public you may only […]

The ATO has enforced strict guidelines on tax deductions for rental property owner’s travel expenses. As a rental property owner you are not able to claim deductions for travel expenses relating to inspecting, maintaining or collecting rent. If you have already claimed a tax deduction for the cost of travel to and from your property […]

Web design is a crucial aspect of boosting your online conversion numbers. Your professionalism, brand polish and brand message can be conveyed through colour. Follow these tips to use colour to your advantage. Colours create an emotional moodAccording to colour psychology, different colours evoke different feelings. Keep in mind these colours and the emotions they […]

Marketing is necessary to increasing your customer traffic and boosting your bottom line but comes at a significant cost. You can reduce your marketing expenses without decreasing the quality of your marketing with these easy marketing hacks. Get your name out thereWord of mouth and community involvement are powerful marketing tools that will not cost […]

Business owners thinking about specialising their products and services to target a niche market should know the benefits and risks of this business strategy. Niche marketing is the business strategy of targeting a specific subset of a market. Here are some benefits and problems of niche marketing that will help you build a business strategy […]