Allowing late invoice payments can set a harmful precedent for your business. Keep your cash-flow steady and avoid wasting time chasing up invoices by following these tips. Have a written agreement of your payment termsClear communication is key to ensuring your terms of payment are met. You should explain your desired payment terms and allow […]

Your business is only as good as your staff, which is why you want to hire high potential employees. You may find it hard to spot a high potential candidate in an interview. Our tips will tell you what to look for and ask when you are recruiting. High potential employee traitsA common set of […]

Merging your super is vital to maximising your retirement savings. Changing jobs over the years will put you at risk of losing some of your super if your previous employers have set up accounts you have forgotten about. Fees will erode the balances on these inactive accounts and result in you losing your hard earned […]

You can claim tax deductions for expenses related to business travel provided you follow the ATO’s rules. Eligibility requirementsYou must fulfil certain eligibility requirements for your tax deduction claims to be valid. You can only claim a tax deduction if you: Travel once your business has already started Keep records and documentation to provide evidence […]

Social media is an opportunity for you to build your business brand by delivering excellent customer service. You should view social media as an open channel to the needs and insights of your market. Follow these tips so you can use your social media to deliver fantastic customer service. Keep an eye outThe people in […]

Your staff are representatives of your business, and their online profiles can do a lot of good or inflict damage on your brand’s image. Enforce a social media policy and educate your staff on the importance of your business’ online presence. No negatives, only positivesYour employees’ online network can be a blessing and a curse […]

A prenuptial agreement may be the last thing on your mind when you are getting married. Although it may not be a very romantic discussion, have this conversation with your partner so you can secure your personal and business finances in the future. Get educated about prenuptial agreements so you do not leave your business […]

Workplace conflict is inevitable, which is why you must manage arguments between your staff to keep your office environment professional and productive. Establish office rules of engagementYour code of conduct and workplace policies should make your job easier as a manager. Clear expectations for how staff interact with one another is key to setting the […]

Cash flow can be an issue for small businesses, especially if you have peak and low periods. Follow these tips to improve your cash flow and avoid running into a tight financial spot. Flexible rosteringYour staffing may need to change in peak and low periods. By employing casuals and using a flexible roster, you can […]

Personalising your business brand attracts new customers by establishing authenticity and a point of difference. Follow these tips to improve your marketing and create a unique brand true to yourself. Put a face to the nameThe best way to add a personal touch to your brand is to be human. Adding a team graphic to […]