Millennial job seekers are often far from the irresponsible job-hoppers many make them out to be. And while they may come from a generation that is unfamiliar to many entrepreneurs and other business owners, it can pay off to learn about what makes them tick and how owners and managers can attract them to their […]

Finding the right aged care facility for a parent be a distressing time for families, both emotionally and financially. As costs for aged care facilities continue to rise, many individuals will need to consider what funding options are available to them, that will ensure their loved ones are looked after. The average refundable accommodation payment […]

The ATO has issued a warning for Australians to be aware of scheme promoters that promise to allow you to withdraw your superannuation early, and illegally. Individuals can legally withdraw super when they turn 65, even when they haven’t retired, are at their preservation age and retire, or under the transition to retirement rules while […]

Many business owners have exciting ideas about where the future might take their company. These ideas may be concerning new products, internal improvements or new market segments. It is, however, an unfortunate fact that the execution of these exciting plans often gets delayed. In the process, the growth of your firm is slowed. One of […]

The government has changed capital gains tax (CGT) rules for foreign residents under the Treasury Laws Amendment (Reducing Pressure on Housing Affordability Measures) Bill 2019, which was granted assent on 12 December 2019. The law change no longer allows foreign residents to claim the CGT main residence exemption, which will impact people who are overseas […]

It is an unfortunate thing that many people don’t realise just how dangerous simple online practices can be to their computer and online security. Luckily, there are simple steps people can take to protect their personal and financial information online. Here are three common online activities that many individuals and businesses do that makes them […]

Managing an employee who is going through a stressful period personally can be a big challenge for bosses. Handling these situations well as a manager often means you need to be compassionate and empathetic whilst also being professional and constructive. Listen:If an employee comes to you with a problem, it can be helpful if you […]

There are circumstances where unpaid work is okay, however, legal unpaid work situations are limited, and in most circumstances, workers should be paid. Employers who are not meeting the Fair Work Act guidelines can be penalised for breaking the law by paying workers’ compensation and fines up to $63,000 for corporations and $12,600 for individuals. […]

Despite the dividend imputation system having been in place since 1987, the concept is still poorly understood by many investors. Investors seeking to reduce their tax can benefit from imputation credits and can receive franking credits by investing in shares directly or through a managed fund. What are imputation credits?Dividends paid to shareholders by Australian […]

As the holiday season approaches, the workplace often gets more relaxed as things wrap up. However, closing the business for the holidays usually isn’t as simple as turning the lights off and heading home for a few weeks. There is often a lot of preparation and work that needs to be done before everyone leaves […]