Whether you are a newcomer to the workforce or have been working full time for 30 years, you must have come across the concept of superannuation. Chances are, you’ve already been steadily building your retirement funds in one of the 500 Australian superannuation funds but are still unfamiliar with how exactly your super is being […]

A career mentorship program involves partnerships between employees to develop professional skills and gain industry knowledge. Career mentoring programs are often seen as powerful development tools for cultivating both leaders and employees within a business. Whether you are a small business owner or a multinational corporate leader, the implementation of a mentorship program will always […]

When an employee gets summoned for jury duty, it can put added stress on the workplace with other staff having to take on extra work. As an employer, you’ll likely want to avoid the inconvenience of releasing an employee for jury duty, however, this may prove to be difficult. Employers must comply with the legal […]

If you are a small business employer wishing to dismiss employees, you must do so according to the Small Businesses Fair Dismissal Code, as breach of the code could result in legal action taken against you. If your business has less than 15 employees, it counts as a small business. Employees can apply for unfair […]

According to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the Wage Price Index (WPI) rose by 0.5%, seasonally adjusted, in the December quarter in 2019. WPI also rose 2.2% through last year. Victoria had the highest recorded wage growth of 2.6%. Western Australia had the lowest wage growth if 1.7%, making it the […]

People won’t hesitate to take a break when their physical health is bad but are reluctant to treat their mental health with the same importance. Your mental health plays a huge role in your ability to work and to maintain a positive lifestyle, so taking some time off to focus on your mental health isn’t […]

Social media marketing is a powerful way to promote your business and establish a connection with your target market. Your content should closely relate to what you’re trying to sell or provide. A key to great content is that it must be consistent and regularly updated. This is important because it will keep the business […]

If you’ve unintentionally been going over your superannuation concessional contributions cap in past years, you may not have to worry about it from now on. As of 1 January 2020, eligible individuals with multiple jobs can apply to opt-out of receiving super guarantee (SG) from some of their employers. You may be eligible to apply […]

Employers who provide staff parking spaces may be affected by the rewrite of the car parking fringe benefits Taxation Ruling. A draft ruling TR 2019/D5 was released on 13 November 2019, a rewrite of TR 96/26. The draft ruling states that from 1 April 2020, the ATO proposes to treat a car park that offers […]

When someone dies, their superannuation usually gets transferred to their beneficiary as superannuation death benefits. Depending on who the beneficiary is, the benefits may be taxed in some circumstances. If you are a beneficiary, the amount of tax you pay depends on factors such as: If the benefit is paid as a lump sum or […]