Having no plan can leave entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed all the time. With endless important decisions that need to be made, a lack of a clear strategic plan for the coming year can put a lot of stress on you. Experimenting with new projects, having a real need to hire additional help and launching new marketing […]

As first-time or ongoing entrepreneurs, we often hear that it would be extremely beneficial to our careers to seek advice from a mentor. But how exactly can you find a mentor who is not only willing to give you their time and energy but is also fitting to your circumstances? Here are some tips on […]

Branding isn’t just for celebrities. As an entrepreneur, building your own personal brand can be key to the success of your business. Whether you’re positioning yourself as an expert, a creative, or an adventurer, your brand can help you attract the right audience and build a reputation. Here are some tips to consider when developing […]

People won’t hesitate to take a break when their physical health is bad but are reluctant to treat their mental health with the same importance. Your mental health plays a huge role in your ability to work and to maintain a positive lifestyle, so taking some time off to focus on your mental health isn’t […]

In virtually every business, the first customer is the hardest to land as customers follow where others lead. Whether you’re serving consumers or other business, you’ve got to have a track record for prospective clients or customers to feel comfortable, but how do you get the first customers? Give your product or service awayOne idea […]

The digital landscape of businesses nowadays makes the protection of intellectual property even more necessary. Intellectual property can be a valuable business asset for entrepreneurs and must be legally protected if the value of a business is to rise. Intellectual property is the collection of ideas and creations of your mind or intellect such as […]

Marketing is a huge part of getting a startup running successfully, but it can often be costly and make a dent in your resources. Luckily, there are many methods of online marketing that can be executed with little to no cost. Choose a target audience:Narrowing down your target audience and identifying your market is a […]

Millennial job seekers are often far from the irresponsible job-hoppers many make them out to be. And while they may come from a generation that is unfamiliar to many entrepreneurs and other business owners, it can pay off to learn about what makes them tick and how owners and managers can attract them to their […]