Whether you’re out of a job right now or you’re looking for a career change, applying for new jobs can be intimidating and challenging, especially if you haven’t done it in years. To increase your chances of success, you have to put in the effort. This means getting yourself prepared, even if you’re social distancing […]

With so many employees physical distancing and working from home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there are bound to be productivity issues within businesses. Productivity issues often arise when employees are unfamiliar with being professionally productive at home and getting their work done in a usually relaxing and comforting environment. Below are a few tips to […]

Not only has COVID-19 raised major health concerns in the community, it has also resulted in many negative economic impacts with self-isolation and social distancing regulations causing many to lose their jobs. While it is certainly a difficult time for those who have lost their jobs, note that there are a number of ways to […]

The Australian Government has implemented a COVID-19 stimulus package that aims to assist individuals and households through income support payments and temporary early releases of superannuation. For unemployed and job-seeking individuals, the Government will be expanding income support eligibility with a new temporary Coronavirus supplement paid at $550 per fortnight for the next six months. […]

No matter where you are on the company ladder, having good leadership skills will always be helpful for your career, whether that means working in a team environment more effectively or earning respect from your peers. While the advantages of having solid leadership skills go far and wide, hard work is certainly required to earn […]

Superannuation usually doesn’t form part of your estate by default, meaning that you need to actively take the steps to nominate a beneficiary for your super, otherwise the trustee of your super fund may be able to decide who receives the payment upon your death. Nominating a beneficiary to receive your super benefits when you […]

Being made redundant is probably not something you considered in your career plan. It can be scary and disheartening, however, there are some steps you can take to turn your redundancy into an opportunity for new avenues. Draft a budgetBeing made redundant can bring a range of financial uncertainties. Even if you get a redundancy […]

Taking a career break can help give you some needed time off and a fresh perspective on work, however many work returners can find getting a new job intimidating. To help you get back into the work industry, here are some things to consider: Refine your skills:Taking time off from work means that you may […]

As you get closer to retirement, you may care to reduce the risk profile of your investments. The risk profile of your superannuation investment strategy should be determined by a combination of your financial goals and the time frame in which you want to achieve them. The returns that you receive on investments are based […]

Finding the right aged care facility for a parent be a distressing time for families, both emotionally and financially. As costs for aged care facilities continue to rise, many individuals will need to consider what funding options are available to them, that will ensure their loved ones are looked after. The average refundable accommodation payment […]