When two parties enter into a contract, they must follow the agreed terms and conditions outlined. If one party does not fulfil the obligations they agreed to, then a breach of contract has occurred. Businesses often enter many contracts with their clients, and figuring out what to do next can be difficult and stressful. The […]

When an employee gets summoned for jury duty, it can put added stress on the workplace with other staff having to take on extra work. As an employer, you’ll likely want to avoid the inconvenience of releasing an employee for jury duty, however, this may prove to be difficult. Employers must comply with the legal […]

New restrictions on cash transactions may be coming into effect after the government released the draft Currency (Restrictions of the Use of Cash) Bill 2019, which proposed to make it an offence to make or accept cash payments of $10,000 or more. The bill proposes that people using cash above the $10,000 limit could face […]

There are circumstances where unpaid work is okay, however, legal unpaid work situations are limited, and in most circumstances, workers should be paid. Employers who are not meeting the Fair Work Act guidelines can be penalised for breaking the law by paying workers’ compensation and fines up to $63,000 for corporations and $12,600 for individuals. […]

As the holiday season approaches, so does the shutdown period for many businesses. This is the time of year when it is easier to take off work due to many businesses slowing down, however, there are questions that surround this period, namely if you will get paid or not. When calculating leave over the Christmas […]

When sourcing content for your business, it can be tricky to determine what materials you can use without putting your business at risk of copyright infringement. With the internet providing a range of easily accessible sources, it can be easy to forget about the legalities of using material you did not produce yourself. Just because […]

Defamation is a statement published or spoken that negatively impacts the reputation of a person. Individuals or corporations that employ less than 10 people, not related to another corporation, can sue another person in court for defamation. As there is no constitutional right to free speech, defamation in Australia is harsher and more difficult to […]

The decision on whether to use a deed or an agreement can make a significant difference to the success of a transaction or project. Both document types are used to prepare contractual arrangements, with each having its own benefits. Understanding the differences and making an informed decision can significantly impact the success of a transaction. […]

Social media is an established part of our everyday lives, as well as a key platform for many businesses. The rise of social media creates a number of legal issues that business owners must be aware of when utilising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Businesses should consider a proactive approach in implementing both […]

Businesses must be mindful of the relevant regulations when setting prices and advertising products or services, to ensure they aren’t misleading their customers. Like many other areas of business, marketing efforts are regulated and need to comply with the legal requirements. Advertising:When promoting products or services, businesses must ensure that any branding, statement, quote or […]