An effective way to maximise returns as a property investor is to claim depreciations on your investment properties. Depreciation gains can be maximised by using a quantity surveyor to identify your property’s individual assets that are eligible for deductions under ATO regulations. A quantity surveyor is a licensed cost manager who assesses your property onsite, […]

Australians are being offered mortgage repayment deferrals of a minimum three months period from their banks to offset individual financial strain during COVID-19. The Australian Banking Association has also confirmed that Australians who are choosing to defer their home mortgage payments during this time will not have their credit rating negatively impacted. However, while the […]

With Australia’s softening economy, the negative employment impacts of COVID-19 and social distancing restrictions on real estate operations, Australia’s property market is predicted to take a huge hit in the upcoming months. As the government continues to update rules to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, here are a few more details about the tumbling […]

Everyone knows that choosing a property to buy can be a challenging and long process, however, choosing the best home loan to pay for it can also be a tedious task. One key thing you’ll have to look at is the type of interest rate that will suit you and your financial goals. The interest […]

Renovating your home or investment property is an exciting time, whether you are creating a better space to live or improving investment opportunities. However, homeowners can get caught up in the build that they forget to look at what is covered by their home and contents insurance. The first step is to identify what kind […]

When selling a home, people sometimes focus on their emotional attachment to the house, how much they’re going to earn from the sale and where they’re going to live next. But what are the tax implications of selling a house? When you sell an asset, you generally must pay capital gains tax (CGT) on the […]