Providing your employees with a work phone can seem to solve a lot of problems regarding business calls, social media marketing, and team communication. However, mobile phones can be expensive, especially ones that are built to handle certain work apps your business may need. It is therefore important that you carefully consider whether providing work […]

With the start of the new decade, e-invoicing has seen an impressive surge in demand, especially in the context of rapid technological development. E-invoicing or electronic invoicing is the growing digitised technique of interchanging an invoice document between a buyer and supplier in an integrated automated format. The increasing global demand for E-invoicing comes at […]

It has been almost a decade since the global introduction of 4G cellular communication technology and like all technological innovations, there will soon be a new and improved version – 5G (or fifth generation). With the implementation of 5G on the horizon, here’s a simple breakdown on the upcoming cellular upgrade and how it will […]

Looking at your smartphone has become a habitual, ingrained aspect of everyday life. This can be a cause of significant distraction for employees and affect productivity. One study showed that 55% of distractions in the workplace are caused by cellphones, and there is a 28% increase in mistakes after an employee gets a phone call. […]

Google is one of the most popular search engines and with that can make finding useful results frustrating. Fortunately, there are some Google search shortcuts which can help generate the results you are looking for. Here are some tips to get better Google search results: Use symbolsIf you’re looking for more specific results, try using […]

Social media may be relatively new compared to more traditional modes of marketing, but nevertheless, it is an incredibly useful and effective way to engage with potential clients. As some small business owners struggle with understanding which social media platform is best suited to their business model and target audience, here is a breakdown of […]

It is an unfortunate thing that many people don’t realise just how dangerous simple online practices can be to their computer and online security. Luckily, there are simple steps people can take to protect their personal and financial information online. Here are three common online activities that many individuals and businesses do that makes them […]

While social media can be a great marketing tool, businesses should be aware of how quickly a mistake on social media can tear down any marketing efforts made to create a strong online presence. Just like sharing relevant and engaging content can publicise a business’s brand, so can poor client experiences, mediocre services or even […]