Traditionally, it has always been much easier to manage employees and ensure collaborative productivity through onsite and in-office procedures. However, with the COVID-19 outbreak forcing many businesses to continue their operations online business owners and employees are understandably struggling to keep productive and synergised while working individually from home. To help with keeping businesses running […]

Diversity and Inclusion is a growing concept that many businesses – from SMEs to MNCs – all around the world are grappling to understand and implement into their workplace. But what exactly does D&I entail and why is it becoming so important for businesses and employees? Social inequality has long been a complex global problem […]

How you spend your money determines how well you can save you money. Spending more than you have or buying unnecessarily can severely impact how efficiently you can save. Sometimes you aren’t even aware of the small habits that are actually limiting your savings capabilities. Here are a few bad money habits that are getting […]

Ensuring the safety of employees in the workplace should be one of the top priorities for managers and business owners. This will not only improve your employees’ health and wellbeing but will help you avoid any arduous paperwork and legal obligations that can arise from even the smallest of injuries. Here are some technological tools […]

Employee share schemes (ESS) provide employees with a financial share in the organisation that they work for. They can be offered by organisations as a way to grow their business by attracting, retaining and motivating their employees. How they work: ESS gives employees shares in the organisation they work for at a discounted price, and […]

Small business owners are constantly under stress and pressure, which is why it is important they look after their mental health. The following tips will help you manage your mental health as a small business owner. Have a reliable support networkFriends and family are vital to anyone’s functioning; however the unique challenges small business owners […]

Switching your mortgage to another lender will save you money on your home loan but will incur fees in the process. Educate yourself on the following fees to avoid any nasty shocks when you move your mortgage to another bank. Mortgage discharge cost Read the fine print of your home loan to see if your […]

The ATO’s new data revealed that although the total amount of lost and unclaimed super reduced by $420 million in 2017-2018, there is still $17.5 billion left to be found. The ATO has prioritised reuniting people with their lost super spread across over 6.2 million accounts. In the past financial year, the ATO was successful […]

Australia retails turnover rose 0.3 per cent in August 2018, seasonally adjusted, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) retail trade figures. The rise follows an unchanged estimate in July 2018. The highest rises of 0.7 per cent were recorded in cafes, restaurants and takeaway food services. Also the clothing, footwear and personal […]

Being a successful entrepreneur is hard work, in Australia only 40 per cent of small businesses are still operating three years after starting according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. If you want to make it as an entrepreneur and want to be successful as a small business owner, you can work on developing particular […]